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About the Sisters Area Photography Club


History of the Club

In the mid-1990s, a small group of amateur photographers gathered to form the Sisters Area Photography Club (SAPC). Those initial members envisioned that their club would serve as a “gathering place” for photographers to discuss their photographs and to share their knowledge of photography. They explained their vision for the club as “Pursuing and perfecting a passion for photography.”

In addition to establishing monthly meetings, the club soon launched a number of projects of benefit to the community. Those projects included:

• An annual photo exhibit in the Sisters Library

• Production of an annual gift calendar

• Photographing the auction items for the annual My Own Two Hands fundraising event

The club’s annual photo exhibit at the Sisters Library continues to this day.

SAPC developed it’s Smugmug site in 2011.


SAPC Today

The club’s monthly meetings include both an educational presentation and a “photo challenge.” That challenge offers all members the opportunity to submit photos for group discussion. As the club’s focus is on learning, all such discussions are friendly and non-competitive. The atmosphere is such that members enthusiastically share their knowledge. After all these years, the club’s original mission remains unchanged – “Pursuing and perfecting a passion for photography.”

SAPC’s monthly Members Meetings are held at the Sisters Library on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 4:00PM till 6:00PM. Occasionally, the meeting date is changed due to scheduling conflicts at the library. Such changes are announced in the Sisters Nugget and in SAPC’s digital newsletter. Members can also contact the SAPC board of directors at SistersPhotoClub@gmail.com to confirm the meeting date.

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